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A/N: OK, this is an alternet univers where Izaya actually can be normal!

You ran. You had to get there in time. This just couldn't happend! You had to save him! "Izaya!!!"

You walked in the park when your phone rang. "Hello?" "30 minutes" "What? What are you-"
"30 minutes! Then he's dead!" "What?! What are you talking about?! He-" *Beep beep beep*
"Hello? Hello?!" You just looked at your phone in shock. 30 minutes? Then he's dead? Who could it possibly be-
Your eyes widend in shock. It couldn't be. You quickly dialed Izayas number. 'C'mon! Pick it up! Pick it up please!'
No answer. Izaya! You didn't know what to do! You ran quickly towards Izayas apartment. No one there. "Where the hell is he!!??"
You ran every where you could think of where he could possibly be. But he was no where to be found. You finally sat down on a bench.
Tears ran down your face. Where is he? "_______?" You looked up and saw Shizuo stand there.
"Hey..." "_______, what's wrong?" "He's gonna' die.." "What?" "I think someon is going to kill Izaya!"
"Good! Then i don't have to do it.." "SHIZUO!!!!!" You shouted and pushed him of the bench.
You qickly stood up and started walking away. "_____, wait. I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you upset!"
You turned around "But you did! Why can't you understand how worried i am?! Can't you understand that this is serious!?"
"Why are you even carring about that, fly?! That's what i wonder!" You mumbled something. "What? Can't hear you!"
Again. "HUH??!" "Because I LOVE HIM!!!" You screamed.He looked at you in total shock. " LOVE him!?"
You looked at the ground. Shizuo's face softened. "I understand. We can't help it. We are after all just normal humans"
You looked up at him. You never thought he would take it this calm. He was after all your older brother.
"Onii-chan.." "C'mon. I'm gonna' help you find that damn fly!" You smiled and hugged him. "Thank you, nii-chan!"
"I'll call Celty and the others to" You smiled at him and he smiled at you too. You parted and you began seaching for him again.
Your phone rang again. "Hello?" "10 minutes left" *beep beep beep* You stared in shock at your phone.
'Oh no' You ran again. Ran towards tha place that you first met Izaya. You looked up at the tall building.
This was were you two first met. Where he saved you from dying. You had been attacked by a few guys
and then tried to run up that building to hide but then they found you and held you over the edge.
'STOP IT!!!! Leave me alone!!!!!" They laughed and ws about to let go when he came.
'What are you doing here!?' Nothing just taking a walk. Please continue with what ever you are doing!'
They looked at him and then just  went back to killing you. Suddenly. One of the man shouted in pain.
He fell back wards and revieled Izaya with his knife. Covered in blood. 'You little git!' Another one shouted and attacked him.
He easily dodged the attack and killed him. The man who held you. Putted you over the edge again. 'Don't you come near! Otherwise she dies!'
He laughed. 'I couldn't care less if she dies' He said and turned around. The man looked at him suspiciously. 'Hmm...'
He let go of you and you fell. You screamed. Izaya's eyed widend in fear. He turned around and ran towards the man pushed him out of the way and jumped after you.
He took a hold of you and somehow managed to get you to fall on a couple of plastic bags so you didn't get hurt.
You cried. That day had been life changing in two ways. 1. You knew what dangers existed out there. 2 You had met Izaya.
And everytime you met him after that you fell for him more and more. You hated it 'cause you knew that he would never love you back.
And now if you didn't find him he would die! You ran up the stairs. You had to get there in time. This just couldn't happend! You had to save him! "Izaya!!!"
You opend the door and rushed out. You saw Izaya stand there and no one else could be seen.
Tears ran down your face once more. Like you hadn't cried enough that day. "Izaya!!" You shouted and ran towards him.
He turned around and looked at you in shock. You hugged him. "Oh, Izaya! You're alive!" "Why wouldn't i be alive?"
"I got a call this morning from a man that said that he would kill you!" "I have been here all day!"
"You have?" "Yes i have" You looked him. A little embarrased 'cause you thought he was going to die.
But you were also relieved that he was OK. He stroke your cheek and smiled at you. Not his usuall smirk but a gentle and sweet smile.
"I never knew you would care about me that much.." He said. You were surpriced! This was so unlike Izaya! He wasn't that psycopathic guy who likes to
play with other peoples minds. He was a normal guy. You were sure no one not even his own parents had seen this side of him!
"Izaya.." He leaned in and placed his lips on yours. Your eyes widend. But after awhile you fluttered your eyes closed and kissed him.
He put his arms round your waist and you sneaked your arms around his neck. "Izaya!!!!!!!" Someone suddenly shouted.
You turned you heads and saw a pissed of Shizou stand there. "You. Little. Mother. Fucker!!!" He shouted and ran towards Izaya who quickly ran away. Izaya laughed.
Everything was normal again.

*The next day*

You found out a guy named Chanyeol, a exange student from Korea, had been murdered. The murderes had tried to call his girlfriend to make her send them money but aparently she hadn't gotten any calls at all during the day. "So...They didn't mean to call me but that guys girlfriend....Poor girl!" Someone knocked on the door. You opend and there stood Izaya, dressed up in a suit and with a bunch of pink roses. "Oh my..." "Hi, ________-san~" Izaya said and gave you the flowers. "Izaya. What is all this supposed to mean?" "I havn't been feeling well tese days" You mean you have been sick?" "Something like that. My heart starts pounding like crazy everytime i see her, my face becomes red and i can't speak properly. It feels like i'm gonna' die when i'm not near that woman. It's like a curse!" "A-and who may this woman be?" Izaya looked up on you. "YOU" Your eyes widend.
"M-me!?" "Yes you! _______, i have been trying to say this for so long! I love you!!" You couldn't believe it! Izaya, the man who messes with peoples minds, was standing here outside your door, confessing his love to you! You almost fainted. "OMG!" "So.." Izaya said. "Yould you be my girlfriend?" Izaya said and took out a cd from his pocket (How the fuck he even manage to do that!) And gave it to you. it was a cd of your absolute favourite band: Boyfriend. "So what do you say?" You looked at the cd then at him. You glomped him and shouted: "YES!YES!YES!YES!!!!"
Warning warning!!!!!! Extreme fluff in the end!!!!! So as you see i had to put Boyfriend as your favourite band sense the end is based by the MV to Boyfriends song Boyfriend.

Izaya(C) ....Someone
You(C) Aparently to Izaya
Story(C) Me
Boyfriend(C) Their fans

Hope you enyoyed this and if you want a request don't be afraid to ask!

CK out!
manda43 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012
i loved it!!! :squee:
keep up the good work :happybounce:
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Thank you! And i will! :iconfuckyeahamericaplz:
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